Tip Top Hospitality

At Tip Top Hospitality, we believe in the power of listening and creating a sense of belonging for our clientele. We go above and beyond to make our customers feel like they are part of the family. It starts with understanding their preferences and anticipating their needs, ensuring that every visit to our establishments is a personalized and exceptional dining experience.

With over a century of combined expertise, our leadership has an impressive track record in managing restaurants in the United States and overseas, crafting unforgettable dining experiences and handling the intricacies unique to our industry.

Each of the founders, with their diverse backgrounds and expertise brings a unique set of skills to the table, making us a formidable team with a common goal.

Stephen's passion for service and guest experience drives our commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality at every touchpoint.
David's culinary expertise and branding skills allow us to create innovative and authentic dining experiences.
Tora, with his financial acumen, focuses on the big picture and ensures the company's financial growth and stability
Jesse, as the beverage expert, makes sure that our guests have an unforgettable experience with perfectly crafted cocktails and a curated selection of drinks.

Together, we are united by the shared belief that our success lies in the happiness of our guests.

Through culinary passion, business acumen, and gracious hospitality, we are redefining the dining landscape across our growing portfolio of restaurant concepts and brands including K PASA-attracting interest and capturing the imagination along the way.


A Culinary Institute of America alumnus, boasts a 30-year career in hospitality, owning acclaimed NYC restaurants. As Director of Hospitality, he champions outstanding service, emphasizing steps of service and immersive training for new managers. His expertise in collaborating with chefs and optimizing operations ensures unforgettable experiences at Tip Top Hospitality.

A London-born chef now based in New York, co-founded K PASA. With classical culinary training and experience cooking for notable figures, David's expertise shapes his endeavors. From Michelin-starred restaurants in London to exploring Mexico's culinary landscape, his dedication ensures unforgettable dining experiences at K PASA.

A dynamic leader and co-founder of Tip Top Hospitality and K PASA, boasts 25+ years of restaurant ownership and operating experience. With a passion for travel and fine food, Tora combines financial acumen with strategic vision, driving growth and success for both brands.

A Japanese-American Restaurateur, brings 20+ years of culinary experience across the US, Japan, and Hawaii. With a passion for beverages, he delves deep into wines, sake, and agave spirits, mastering his craft through travels and hands-on learning. Jesse's expertise ensures a profitable beverage program at K PASA, maintaining a consistent 19% beverage cost.